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5 Sep 2017

Week’s metaphor: Estar en el mundo de los conejos

Alice in Wonderland – Laura Barrett

When we ask to Cartagena’s people about the origin of this expression, they say that it comes from the connexion between rabbits image and the wild spaces for meditation. However,  we have to recognize that Cartagena is a caribbean city with a colonial past and, therefore, it has historical and cultural continuities with european countries. Thus, a lot of our cultural referents come from European narratives. Is the case with the metaphor ‘el mundo de los conejos’ (rabbits world), which direct origin is the white rabbit from Alicia in the wonderland.  In Lewis Carroll’s book, this character is responsible for Alicia’s distraction of reality and her introduction into wonderland. All of that because for her decision to follow him until his burrow.

The expression  ‘Estar en el mundo de los conejos’ (‘Being in rabbits world’)  is used in Cartagena to talk about a person, who in the middle of a conversation or a meeting becomes temporary quiet or absorbed. When it happens, people around that person use the expression in order to get the attention back (¡Jader! estamos hablando contigo ¡estás en el mundo de los conejos!). Hence, the expression refers to a temporary state of deep distraction or introspection, reason why when someone is in el mundo de los conejos cannot perceive what´s happening around.  

As we can see, people in Cartagena use the expression in order to point out when someone don’t realize something (¡No viste que Estefany te saludó por estar en el mundo de los conejos!); or when, for a distraction, somebody wrongly performs an important activity, for example: to let the food burn while cooking, to forget importants objects in the street or to forget the change when you buy something (No te devolvieron el dinero completo por estar en el mundo de los conejos).


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