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28 Jan 2017

“we broke paradigms and chains that tied us down to many mistakes…”

For several weeks, young people and children attended to the Communicative Skills Workshop, a training space offered by Raíces: Spanish & Culture through its Social Projection Program and the Public Education Program of the Historical Museum of Cartagena (MUHCA). Elián Mendoza, one of the young assistants, shares his experience.

It is an honor for me to address these short words to all of you, words that more than made by the ink of my pen, are made with the essence of a journey that marked this process. There are so many things to say that I am somewhat confused, but with these words I intend to express the emotions I lived here. When you are a good student, your studying responsibility is enormous, it means facing any situation, with the knowledge acquired. When you face new challenges, your life goes beyond a simple daily routine, what you learn everyday prepares you for the hard work you encounter in that path we call life.

When I arrived at this workshop, I found myself with great expectations that I believed, could not be fulfilled. I must admit, that the desire to unite my life with literature intertwines to form one, that the intended dreams impel me to walk on new paths willing to make me fall and rise  Meeting new people, listening to diverse opinions, learning to respect the points of view of others and creating new expectations so that children know, from now on, the insatiable and abrasive habit of writing; this is what changes the violent and real world, into an imaginary and dreamed one.

I am full of grateful memories, thinking about everything we lived to get here. I remember how Orfa came to our table to tell us everything that Oxy had done during the week, I think it will be another reason to laugh by myself and for people to call me crazy.  Well, that’s without telling Oxy’s stories about the weekly twists and turns. I believe that on this journey we broke paradigms and chains that tied us down to many mistakes. For my next writing I already have into account that it is not the same to say porque (because) than por qué (why), that the coherence and cohesion is necessary for a Good Text, and above all, that a bad comma, leaves us a bit hungry for more.

I can say that this tunnel, so suitable for our children’s souls, helped us to realize that the lyrics scream in silence, that beyond a comma and a point, we are reflected. I realized that beyond this tunnel awaits the life that offers us great things. This is another reason to say that I have a dream, a single dream and it is, to continue dreaming. THANK YOU.

Author: Elian Mendoza

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