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My name is Adrien Bonville, I’m traveling in Colombia and I took courses with Raíces for a week. It was a very interesting experience and now I feel my Spanish level has improved. My teacher Esperanza was patient and taught me with very good pedagogy.

Classes are flexible, if you need to improve on one aspect, they first adapt the method according to your needs and use different tools to teach you. Living in Cartagena is an incredible experience and during the lessons the teachers approach topics that interest me about the city and colombia in general. We laughed a lot.

“The 5 days of classes with Estefany were great. With just a little knowledge in Spanish and wanting to enjoy the surroundings better during my vacation, she chose exercises to reinforce my skills in the language. One week is definitely not enough but it helped a lot. In addition, we enjoyed a delicious meal at a local place and a pleasant walk through the city where we were shown the typical fruits, snacks and sweets.
I really liked the flexibility of studying in cafeterias instead of classrooms. If you want something different from the typical Spanish language school, Raíces is definitely the place to try! Thank you so much Estefany. “

I really liked the spanish courses I took for one week in Cartagena with Estefany. She was very flexible in regard of date and time as well as my needs (topics, vocab, gramar). I learned a lot in this week and Estefany was a patient and organized teacher. Also Jader really helped me out with the organization in advance.
Thank you for everything.

“I took private lessons in Raíces for a month and I absolutely recommend this school. Everything was perfectly organized. For example, they have online materials on Drive (grammar books, materials, school work, and much more).
My teacher was super punctual and flexible in terms of place and schedule, also is a very good teacher because he always explains me with many examples and patience until I understand; and above all, you dont feel only like a student but as a friend because they go with you to the cultural events and festivals in Cartagena. After a month in the school, I not only feel an improvement of the language, but also a connection to the city. “

Hello to the Raices Spanish and Cultura team. I hope you are all well. I was recently on holiday in Cartagena with my Colombian wife Isabel. Isabel is from Cartagena and we were visiting her parents. Before arriving in Cartagena I planned some Spanish lessons (x20 1 hour lessons). My tutor was Orfarit, who is an excellent teacher and I learnt a great deal from my lessons. Not only did I learn a lot about Spanish, but I also learnt a lot about Colombian culture and history for which I was very grateful to get another persons perspective on this subject. I was very impressed with the quality of my tuition, the flexibility of the lessons with regard to both location and times and the capability for remote lessons as well. I would be most happy to recommend Raices Spanish and Culture for anyone wishing to travel to South America and learn Spanish a long the way. I think that you guys are a great team, especially Orfarit; who was my professor, a very knowledgeable and intelligent man. Most of all, I made a new friend in Orfarit and I look forward to meeting up with Raices Spanish and Culture in the very near future. Please feel free to post this message on your website. Kindest Regards

Colombia is a great country to travel and learn Spanish. And my favorite city is Cartagena. The people, the music, the charm of the city and the sea form a perfect environment to study and enjoy. The school strives hard to make it possible for study to be flexible and accessible to travelers like myself. What I liked most was that my teacher made the classes very individual and attended my desires and which topics have interested me more. Those were good conditions to study with fun and to advance fast. I learned a lot and I can
imagine going back to improve my level.
Jader, thanks for the time, great fun and your patience. See you!

I took online classes with Jader. It was perfect for me. I didn’t have to leave the house and I had the freedom to choose the schedule of the classes.
I was able to advance with the rythm adapted to my learning pace and I was able to improve my oral Spanish so much that I was well prepared for my trip in Central America.
I recommend this type of class to all the people who don’t have the time to go to a school and prefer to learn at their own pace.

My Skype Class with Jader was amazing. He was a teacher, friend, entertainer and cultural guide all at once. He adjusted to my needs and wants as we went; we discussed my learning goals and techniques which was very helpful. Well structured, a clear goal and a lot of fun improved my Spanish a lot! Surely I will be back! Thank you Jader!

The Spanish course I took for 5 days was another great experience I learned in Colombia. I really improved my Spanish knowledge in this short time and it was never boring! I had great fun and enjoyed it a lot. Jader has a good system for studying and answered all my questions. It couldn’t have been better. Thanks a lot.


“I took Spanish classes in Raíces for a week. I spoke the language very little, but for my trip through South America I wanted to improve. My teacher Jader is a nice guy, very funny and very professional … In other words, he is very cool. We talked a lot, I could improve speaking and understandSpanish, as well as grammar. I was able to ask questions for any situation in Colombia and I learned a lot. We also talked more private things and he was always willing to listen. I will be very happy when Jader goes to Germany someday. Thanks for everything my friend.”




“I heard about Raíces online, while I was searching for useful information for my trip to Cartagena on a travellers site. I loved the proposal of these four friends about teaching Spanish in a more dynamic way and through which it is possible to know a little about culture, history and local customs (for a fair price). Actually, it was more than that, with this experience I was able to exchange knowledge with Jader while walking in the streets (trying to run away from the sun), comparing expressions and events of Brazil and Colombia. Thus I was able to understand our particularities and identify many characteristics that bring us closer. Besides Estefany’s support, even before I arrived to Cartagena, Orfarit, Esperanza and Jader were always very attentive. I miss everyone at Raíces and hope to visit them again soon. Greetings from Brazil”





“I took three days of private spanish lessons at the Raices spanish and Culture. Estefany was a great teacher, she adopted the lessons perfectly to my needs which enabled me to progress much faster than in the group lessons I had before at another school in Cartagena. The learning atmosphere was relaxing but still intensive, I am very satisfied!”







“I was taking Spanish classes with Raíces for some months because I was studying in Cartagena. It helps me a lot to have verbal fluency, especially in professional / academic situations. My teacher Jader more than a teacher was a friend. You also get a great impression of the lifestyle in Colombia, its history and how the country works. The visit to the Botanical Garden of Cartagena is something to see. I recommend Raíces to anyone who wants to improve his Spanish, to anyone who is just going to start or who want to reach new levels, even in professional circumstances. 5 stars!”






“I took 15 classes with Orfarit. I started with almost no Spanish (just a little I learned a few weeks ago) and I learned a lot of grammar and the most important things to spend time with people who only speak Spanish.
We had a lot of fun, not only learning Spanish but also talking about the culture and the people from Colombia. I would recommend Raíces to learn Spanish, no matter if you already know Spanish or not. Thank you guys, I had a fantastic time learning Spanish with you.”






“I love Raíces Spanish! I took classes for a month with Estefany and I learned more with her than with all my other teachers or classes in the past. As I had private lessons with her, I learned faster and only the subjects I wanted (and needed) to learn specifically.”